ZinoCRM is an initiative of WebZino Technologies providing CRM software
solutions to businesses, big or small as well as freelancers. We provide CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions to companies, which enable them to manage their business processes effectively and improve their relationship with their customers and potential customers.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems integrate marketing, sales, customer details, customer interaction and customer support. Some of the features of ZinoCRM which help the clients to get their businesses to the next level are as follows:

  • Project Management Tool
    • Helps manage the project tasks and track expenses
    • Allows assigning multiple staff members on a single task and track the logged-in time of each member
    • Allows for billing of customer
  • Estimate Creation
    • Allows creation of estimates instantly
    • Allows for conversion of estimates to invoice on client’s acceptance
  • Creation of Effective Business Proposals
    • Helps in creation of effective business proposals in order to impress potential customers and clients
  • Knowledge Base for Customers and Staff Members
    • Provides knowledge base which is useful for customers and staff members for reference on different topics
  • Reports for Easy Understanding and Clear Overview
    • Generates reports that are easy to understand and which provide an overview on different aspects of business thus helping in better analysis and better decision making
  • Survey Reports
    • Generates survey reports for better analysis of the current situation and helps in making future decisions
  • Record Expenses
    • Keeps account of payments made and received
  • Tracking Goals
    • Tracks the fulfillment of the goals set and notifies the staff members of the achievements and failures of the tasks
  • Proper Maintenance and Support System
    • Provides an efficient ticket management system with proper ticket assignment and tracking
  • Company Newsfeed and Calendar
    • Updates the employees of all major events and allows easy employee communication
    • All important dates related to the company and the projects are marked in the Calendar to give a clear view to the employee
  • Leads Management
    • Tracking the leads and following their progress

Some of the benefits of ZinoCRM are as follows:

  • Enhanced Sales
  • Enhanced Customer Interaction
  • Efficient Marketing Methods
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Enhanced ability to target potential customers
  • Efficient Employee Interaction and tracking their progress

WebZino Technologies is a company specialized in developing and providing CRM solutions, Web Development Services, Mobile Application Development,Digital Marketing etc. efficiently.