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education system

education system

Teaching— the most respectable profession in the society. Teacher enlightens the world of the student. It is the teachers who mold one’s personality and shape their future. Children spent most of the childhood and teenage with their peers and teachers. Therefore, they play a significant role in the development of an individual. They help in the nourishment of infant minds and prepare them to do something big in future. Learning is the life long process; therefore the word teacher should not be restricted to persons who teach us in school colleges or in university. It should inculcate the entire person who guides or mentor us throughout our life.
One could not forget the role of Chanakya in the life of Emperor Chandragupta Maurya, who laid the foundation of the Great Mauryan Empire. Chanakya guided Chandragupta Maurya against the atrocities of then cruel king Dhana Nanda. They both ended the Nanda dynasty and founded Mauryan Empire. Chanakya is not only the mentor of the king, but he was also prime minister, friend, and advisor to him. There is no doubt that Chandragupta Maurya has capabilities to become a great leader but it the guidance knowledge of his mentor that sharpens his skills. It is right to say that without Chanakya’s knowledge and shrewdness, Mauryan Empire could not have reached the height it had reached.
However, in recent times commercialization has touched every field, education sector doesn’t remain secluded from it. There was a time when one opted teaching profession out of commitment and passion, but today it has become just another business to feed oneself. Nowadays, education has become the commodity and teachers are just teaching for the money. Now, they are no longer potters but have become the wheel of turbine that fetches money. Today they only manufacture solipsists. It’s high time to re-evaluate the education system so that teacher could nurture altruists. Instead of the market-based education system, we should focus on value and moral based education system.

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