Public Sector

Public Sector

Webzino’s Public Sector practice provides governments the means to engage citizens, government agencies, businesses, and NGOs and deliver services to them in a cost effective. Governments across the India have deployed our expertise in areas such as public electricity, safety, transport, smart cities and digital governance for efficiency and scalable services.

Meeting the growing demands of the Government and Public Sector for upgrading its services while overcoming the budgetary control in a planned way is quite a challenge, but nonetheless impossible with our IT software solutions. At Webzino, we are well aware that catering to the demands of this industry is entirely a different ball game from catering to other industries like retail, education, and healthcare. Hence, we leverage the power of cloud computing solution and enterprise mobility solution to render a bunch of the public sector and government IT software solutions.

We have a strong team of developers, designers and QA professionals who know that public sector and Government services are meant to satisfy public expectations in a cost effective manner and hence our solutions are also aimed at covering every aspect of the services rendered by these units. Let’s have a quick glance at out IT solutions.

Intelligent Transport System

We provide both web-based and cloud-platform based reliable software solutions for Transport industry


Government Portal Development

We have already developed numerous mobile -friendly web portals for different government and public sector units like Municipal Corporation, Land Revenue System, etc. Our experienced developers put to us the best of the tools for creating easily navigable and highly functional portals. All our developed portals or websites for Government and Public sectors have W3C compliance and help in better dissemination of information. We also do custom website development and meet exact client expectations.

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are now used not only for gaming or business but also for seamless collaboration between public and Government Units across the world. Our talented app developers with their expertise in mobile app development across all popular platforms like Android, Blackberry, Windows, and iPhone, caters to the need of enhanced collaboration between Government educational institutes, Government Healthcare Units and other departments with the general public effectively. We have successfully developed mobile apps for facilitating e-learning, real-time reporting of harassment, for creating awareness about road safety, sending vaccination alerts, nearest hospital location tracking, for bill payment for landline and broadband services and many more.