PPC Campaign


Pay Per Click campaign as name suggests is a paid online advertising tool in which a certain amount is paid to the publisher for every click on your advertisement. This is the most effective way to direct relevant and personalized traffic to your product or website. With this tool, an entrepreneur can make use of the existing demand for your product and personalize the search by a particular area, days or specific keywords.

WebZino Technologies through its expertise in the subject matter ensures that the cost borne by the enterprise for every ad click is absolutely worth paying. It maximizes relevant traffic to your page and minimizes cold lead that in turn directly enhances your profit margins.

We follow a multi-layered approach so that the clients benefit the most by hiring us for their PPC campaigns

  • WebZino technology Upgrade – As a group, we constantly update our team with latest development on technological front to enable them provide optimized solutions to our clients.
  • Understand – In this phase we get an in-depth insight into client’s business, his business objectives, conduct competitive analysis, define target audience, gauge area under influence and discover relevant content and keywords.
  • Strategize – Keeping all factors in mind such as client’s budget, targeting methodology and landing page recommendations, we create a perfect strategy on which the campaign shall run.
  • Set-up campaign and create landing page – Optimally design landing page with minimal page load time and set up the campaign as per finalized strategy. The campaign is also optimized periodically as per changes in trends.
  • Analyze – Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the campaign executed and measure the results achieved vis-à-vis that envisioned.