Performance marketing

Performance Marketing is a term used to refer to the collaborative work related to online marketing and advertising wherein the marketing companies are paid by the advertisers after a specific action such as a sale, lead or click is completed or achieved. It involves a marketing strategy combined with the right advertising which ensure better results for the retailers as well as the affiliates. Unlike conventional advertising, in Performance marketing payment is done by the advertiser only after the success of an ad or a transaction.

We, at WebZino Technologies provide highly customized and dynamic user experiences that lead to an increase in media buys thus ensuring client success. Some of the features of the services provided by us in the Performance Marketing sphere are:

  • Deciphering the intent of the consumer and planning marketing accordingly.
  • Motivating the clicks from the consumer across different channels
  • Eye-catching content that ensure desired results
  • Complete utilization of the expertise in Analytics and Technology for measuring, optimizing and converting.

Below mentioned are some of the benefits of Performance Marketing services provided by us:

  • It is easier to measure and keep track of the success of each transaction which is based on the customer taking specified action.
  • It is useful in increasing the advertising reach to different segments of customers.
  • It is helpful in diversifying the revenue streams if sales in the existing channels are not satisfying
  • It drives the affiliates to come up with more innovative and creative ideas as per the latest trend.

We, at WebZino Technologies, follow the below mentioned steps while devising our Performance Marketing strategies:

  • We first define the goal to be achieved which could be a click or a sale.
  • We then choose the right affiliate network based on various factors like finance, technology, staffing, media etc.
  • Choosing the right combination of media for marketing based on factors like geographic location, budget etc.
  • We then monitor the campaign progress and measure its’ performance
  • We optimize the ROI goals by spending more on profitable sources and reducing the expenditure on the unprofitable sources