MediaZino is a brand name of the parent company WEBZINO Technologies Pvt Ltd.We are a full-fledged advertising agency and provide medium-agnostic services across both offline and digital platforms. We act as a strategic partner for our clients and provide solutions that help them enhance brand image and top of mind recall. We empower businesses of all sizes with our creative and media strategies. Our team is made up of highly experienced individuals in the advertising industry from diverse backgrounds.

Working closely with clients, our services help them achieve their greater goals and objectives, and we have even helped brands create their entire identity from scratch, right from designing the logo and tagline, to positioning, GTM strategy and eventually rolling them out across various channels.

An award-winning agency, we uphold the highest standards for all services provided. Our belief is that brands should not only enchant, but also deliver the right message to the target audience with a specific outcome in mind. A design thinking methodology is implemented to blend aesthetics and emotions and apply them to problem-solving. This approach tackles complex problems by grasping the human aspect involved and re-framing the problem in a people-centric way.

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