IT Support Company

WebZino Technologies provides a range of IT support services including Software Consulting and Managed IT Services. IT Support refers to the technical help provided by experts in the computing field. We perform in-depth analysis of the client’s problem before providing them with the appropriate technical solution. We have the required expertise for monitoring and maintaining the computer systems and networks. We also educate our clients about the various issues as well as troubleshoot about any unknown issue related to a particular product or service in order to provide a solution.

Some of the IT Support Services provided by us are as follows:

  • Managed IT Services
    • We have mastered the Managed IT services sphere over its years of operation and have delivered excellent, technologically advanced projects to our global clients.
    • We follow a transparent approach which demands detailed information of the project requirements from the client along with the timeline expectations. We then come up with a competitive cost estimate for our clients.
    • We are known for maintaining 100% transparency in our processes while working on the project.
  • IT Consulting Services
    • The distinctive IT consulting services of WebZino Technologies helps in estimating, managing, implementing, deploying and administering the most competent IT systems across the world.
    • Through a strategic vision and inspiring ability, we evaluate and plan the IT requirements for our clients and implement it with the objective to attain their business goals.
    • Our consulting services cover a vast scope of businesses that range from banking to finance, insurance, infrastructure, and many other vital industries.
  • Backup and Recovery
    • We provide continuous and professional backup solution with regular monitoring, support and recovery processes.
  • Server and Network Support
    • We provide server setups, upgrades, remote access, network security, maintenance of servers and other core IT infrastructure components.
  • Email and Cloud Services
    • We help to store confidential and high priority emails, applications and other documents in a secure cloud storage system which ensures easy access, cost-effectiveness and increased security.
  • Security
    • We provide protection to user-data, company-data, servers, networks and cloud-data using enterprise-grade security, antivirus-malware security and access control.
  • User Support
    • We provide an efficient and helpful team of technical support staff who provide support to users and maintain operations in different aspects of computer systems such as
      • On-site and Remote Support
      • Backup and Security
      • Maintenance of computer systems including software, hardware and networks
      • System upgrades and inventory management