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A woman in a cave is getting ready for a bath. She doesn’t find anyone to guard her and to stop anyone from entering her house during her bath. After a lot of thinking women decide to make an idol of a boy from the paste of turmeric. She gave life to that idol through her spiritual power and takes that young boy as her child. Women ordered the young boy to guard her and stop anyone to enter the place. While women were bathing, her husband returns, but he was stopped by a handsome boy to get into the cave. Young boy replies that he is just following the order of her mother. On the other hand, the man was furious of being stopped by a small child. He demanded young boy let him go, but the boy refused his request. The man lost his patience and had a fierce battle with a boy. In the rage of anger, man killed that boy. When her mother come out and saw her son’s lifeless body, she becomes sad. Out of sorrow and anger, mother demanded her son back. She ordered her husband to restore her son’s life. Unfortunately, this was not possible. To free his wife from grief man attachés the head of the elephant to his son and gave him a new life; given a name Ganesh. Yes, this is the story of Lord Ganesh’s birth. This man and women is none other but Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati. His birth is celebrated as Ganesh Chaturthi all over the India with great enthusiasm.
Ganesh Chaturthi is the ten-day festival, celebrated every year in the month of August-September. It is celebrated all over India however in Maharashtra it is primarily celebrated. It starts with the installation of Ganesh idols and ends on Anant Chaturdashi after the idol immersion. It is believed that whoever worships Lord Ganesh with full devotion is blessed with happiness wealth, knowledge. The obstacles, problem, and woes of devotee are removed by Lord himself. Therefore Lord Ganesh is also known as vighan harta.
Every year Ganesh Chaturthi culminates with the immersion of Ganesh idols into the rivers and other water bodies. These idols are made up of plaster of Paris that harms our environment. With the passage of time, concern regarding environment also increases, this makes our beloved Ganesh eco-friendly. A reputed newspaper quoted that the demand in eco-friendly Ganesh idol is growing every year. Nowadays idols made up of clay, alum, and other biodegradable materials are opted to lessen the burden on the environment. This year Bangalore opted clay idols of Lord Ganesh which is more eco-friendly than plaster of Paris idols. These clay idols protect water bodies from pollution and help to grow plants thus protecting the environment. Apart from these clay idols, idols made up of seeds and plants are also becoming popular. Opting eco-friendly idols is just touching our religious roots again, lord Ganesh is born of turmeric and clay.
It is said that in pre independence era, Lokmaniya Tilak, a freedom fighter, used to worshipped Ganesha to protect Indian from British rule. Nowadays, Ganesh Chaturthi is observed as the national festival to remove inequality among people of Brahmins and non-Brahmin community. On this occasion of Ganesh, Chaturthi let’s take the pledge to returns to our roots, try to end all social evils and have cleaner future.

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