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Today every entrepreneur is trying to find their niche in the competitive market. Marketing strategies are employed to attract their potential consumers. There was a time when marketing strategy was restricted to traditional marketing techniques only. With the advent of the digital media, Digital marketing has taken over the field of traditional marketing. Now the question arises what does digital marketing mean? Why it has gained so much popularity? The answer is here………!

Today every person is moving towards digital media; People are consuming excessive digital information daily. They are using digital media to get information, for entertainment, and for social interaction.  Gone are the days when to buy things people have to visit the local market.  Nowadays people prefer e-shopping instead of physical shopping. In other words, society is becoming digital. The Internet has changed the way people carry out their lives. It also changes the way we market our business. Digital marketing provides a platform to a company to get involved, both directly and indirectly, with their consumers.


Digital marketing is the process of promoting brands and products through the use of different digital media. It has enabled the companies to assess all the attributes of the customers. One of the essential tools of digital marketing, it increases the brand value of the company. Through digital marketing company engages the current customer and share them with relevant information. It also helps to spread awareness among potential customer. People want to buy those products that they can trust. They not only listen to what the company is saying about their product and services but also pay attention towards the testimonial of other customers. In this way, by building the healthy relationship with the existing customer, a company could also attract potential consumers. Trust and confidence of customer are oxygen to the business. It, In turn, increases the brand image of the company. In past few decades, brand image has become the lifeline of any business. To maintain this image, it is important to communicate and to satisfy queries of customer or anyone who tries to contact the company. While reinforcing the relationship with a consumer and answering their inquiry will increase your brand image.


Another important tool of digital marketing is its cost effectiveness. Digital marketing is much affordable as compare to others modes of marketing. It merely cost a fraction of your marketing budget. Traditional marketing technique such as radio shot, television commercials, and billboards ads can be still helpful to the business, but they all are expensive. Digital marketing only needs computer system and good internet connection. You cannot afford to mail 100’s of the postcard to your customers per week, but you can post multiple posts per day on your digital profiles. Today consumers want an easily accessible product and service; digital media gives you a platform to reach them within a short span of time. The coverage of digital marketing is much larger because today internet is accessible to everyone. Advertisement on television and radio can be ignored by their audience/listener, but ads that pop up on the window screen attract the person instantaneously. Digital marketing can gain access to large customers with the small budget.

Today companies also understand the importance of digital media. Whether it is a small business or a large business, everyone is leaving their footprints on digital media. Infact digital marketing has become an important tool for small and medium business to compete with large fish of corporate ocean.

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