Digital Business Service

WebZino Technologies is a leading and prominent IT services company also providing services in the digital business space. Digital Business Service refers to the creation of business processes and designs that bridge the gap between the physical and the virtual worlds. It involves the creation of an interactive digital space wherein the business and the things negotiate amongst themselves as well as with the people.

We, at WebZino Technologies, boost of the expertise for the various Digital Business Services that provide intelligent solutions and support by using agile methodologies and the latest technologies. Digital Business Services combined with technology development and engineering services help in providing great customer service thus resulting in greater customer acquisition, retention and satisfaction.

We provide Digital Business Services that employ Digital Strategies which are technology and customer centric in their operations. Some of the services offered by us in the Digital Business Services space are:

  • Web Design and Development
    • We provide web design and development services which act as an integrated web platform for customer engagement.

    • We provide a seamless and intuitive customer experience by our digital services.

  • Mobile Application Development
    • We provide mobile application development services which are more customer friendly, intuitive and cost effective.

    • Some of the features of our services in the mobile space are:

      • Mobile wallets
      • Product offer recommendations based on geographical location of the customer

      • Remote monitoring of staff
      • Optimized routing and re-routing of vehicles based on traffic and distance.

  • Big Data and Analytics
    • Analytics is emerging as a crucial digital technology as digital businesses are highly dependent on data and digital strategy.

    • Big Data and Analytics together ensure cost-effectiveness and increased sales by:

      • Understanding the customer preferences and providing services accordingly.

      • Identifying issues and taking appropriate action

      • Identifying trends and taking right decisions quickly

      • Ensuring timely decisions due to availability of meaningful data.

  • Cloud Management
    • We provide Cloud Management Services which ensure faster and cost effective scalability of IT resources.

    • We provide seamless integration of cloud technology which ensures more flexibility in the migration of processes and technology.