Dedicated Teams Model(DTM)

Dedicated Teams Model

Many a times, an organization would like to work on a particular IT project in its own style without deploying permanent staff or spending heavily on advanced infrastructure and technological requirements. DTM comes to rescue right at this point. Dedicated Team Models work best if you are desirous of having complete access and control of the staff working on your project and information technology involved.

EyeRise’s DTM model gives an enterprise access to the most niche IT professionals along with state-of-art technological infrastructure so that the best results may be derived at a competent monthly fixed cost. Additionally, its DTM model is completely flexible and scalable allowing one to adjust the resources as per the rising or decreasing requirements of the project. Our model also induces security with 100% client’s right of the on the work executed and maintains total transparency to imbibe trust within customers.

At EyeRise, we require as less as 24 hours to match you skill set requirement and have it deployed for your project. Besides giving access to resources, we also allow you complete control on it and on the project workflow. Our people are open for communication through every possible channel including phone call, e mail, Skype and chat giving you the comfort to connect with them anyhow. Besides, we have devised an end of day reporting model, which our people shall follow giving you a summary of the day’s work done. If you are looking for a way to meet your project objective without the hassles of looking for and managing resources, contact us right away.