Cloud Computing

The type of computing in which sharing of computer resources takes rather than having local servers or personal devices for handling applications is known as cloud computing.

At WebZino this can be done by getting applications, storage and other services accessed by the Web. The services delivered by us will then be used over the Internet and are paid by the consumers on pay-per-use business model.

Facilities provided by WebZino in Cloud Environment

1. On-demand self-service:

This points to the fact that the cloud customers can sign up, pay and start using cloud resources very quickly on their own without help from any of our sale agents…

2. Broad network outbreak:

Customers can access WebZino cloud services via the Internet at any time of the day.

3. Rapid elasticity or expansion:

Cloud customers can easily scale their use of resources as per their needs and demands.

4. Measured service:

Customers pay for the amount of resources they use in a given period of time rather than paying for hardware or software upfront.

Types of Cloud Computing by our company

WebZino creates cloud computing systems to serve common business or research needs. Examples of cloud computing services include:

Virtual IT (information technology):

Virtual IT configure remote external servers as an extensions to local IT network of the company.


This uses trading software applications, or remotely host custom-built applications and develop it efficiently.

Network storage:

WebZino company archives data across the internet to a provider without needing to know the physical
location of storage.

Cloud computing systems of WebZino are generally designed to support large number of customers and surges in demand.

Software-as-a-Service Models

Cloud services using SaaS, provides fully functional programs to help users despite the fact that the programs may not be held on their local computers. As such, SaaS provided by WebZino is most familiar for home consumers.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service Models

Infrastructure-as-a-service solutions generally get to the level of ‘bare metal’ —this means the physical servers, networking components, and device storage that are necessary to make platforms will get functional or optional. WebZino IaaS is popular with corporate clients, dealing between speed, cost, and privacy that each vendor might balances in different highly expensive ways.

Platform-as-a-Service Models

PaaS products includes operating environments, virtual servers, database environments, and any other middleware component that might sit between the hardware and the consumer-facing application.