use of colors in brands
use of colors in different brands


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use of colors in different brands

use of colors in different brands

“Har Rang Kuch Kehta Hai” or“Each color says something “  – famous tagline of Asians paint, expresses that color influences us in one or other way. Do you ever wonder that how colors of our surrounding influence or expresses our mood? Yes, they do affect us psychologically. The psychological principle, “the Isolation Effect” states that an item that “stands out” is more likely to be remembered. Colors trigger our visual perception and temporally set our mood.  Use of colors is not a new thing; in ancient times, our ancestor used to differentiate between poisonous food and nonpoisonous food through color. Even in cinema and astrology, colors play a vital role. Astrologists suggest different types of colored stone to influence ones’ destiny.  Nobody can forget the use of red color in movie “Gulal” to depict the intensity of revolt and to mask the identity of revolutionaries. In other words, colors are a means to say everything without any sound. Apart from astrology and movies, another important field that uses colors is advertising or marketing.

Marketing is all about persuading your target customer to purchase your product. Among different factors that influence the consumers’ decision, the packaging is one of them. It’s the image, feeling, and mood that your brand creates play a vital role in persuasion. Purchasing intent of a consumer is highly affected by colors; our brains prefer an immediately recognizable brand, which makes color, an important element to create a brand identity. In a study titled “Impact of color on marketing,” researchers found that 90% of the decision made about products is based on color alone. While marketing any new product, it is important to consider the impact of visual cues and use of colors of the package.

The color red is commonly associated with comfort, confidence, excitement, love, passion, strong emotions and warmth. It stimulates hunger, energy and increases the blood pressure of a person. The color red is also associated with anger, blood, danger, fire, violence, and warfare. Across different culture all over the world, the color red is associated differently. In China, it is the symbol of luck while in Africa it is symbolizes mourning. All over the world red is the color of communism. Though color itself not change it changes, the emotional impact depending on the culture and context it is used. The red color is effectively employed in the promotion of products or services related to food and appetite, energy, passion or speed. A dozen of fast food restaurants such as KFC, Mac Donald, and Arby’s uses red to position their product in the consumer’s mind. The world’s most recognized beverage brand coca cola is always given credit for making red color popular through out the advertising world. Other products which use red color in their products and their logos are Kellogg, red cross organization, Pinterest, and much more.
Colour orange is a close relative to red, seems to be more vivid bold and has strong positive or strong negative association, either you hate it or love, but you can’t ignore orange. This color instantaneously grabs our attention. Therefore it is widely used in safety and construction industry, whether it is road cone or life jackets; this color is highly noticeable. In marketing, it is associated with affordability and good value. Therefore its use in the logos of Nickelodeon, Amazon, and FatWallet. Since orange color is named after a fruit and is associated with the energy, many fruit juice, and energy drink industry uses this color in their logo, e.g., energy drink tang. The orange color has a strong power to attract people of all ages especially kids. Whether it’s Cheetos or Fanta, kids have an especial affinity towards orange.
Purple is the color of creativity, imagination, and spirituality. It is often used to show luxury, loyalty, courage, mystery. Purple is perceived differently through out the world. Purple was the royal color of Caesar. In Japan, purple symbolizes wealth and status. In Tibet, the amethyst purple color stone is considered to be sacred to Lord Buddha. US army awards purple color hearts to officers who have been wounded in action. These all connotation define the different aspect of this color., crown royal,, LA Lakers uses purple in their logos. This color is often used in creative business and beauty and anti aging product.
Blue is a color of trust and loyalty. It can bring a sense of calmness and is responsible for mental soothing. This color enhances our communication and self-expression. Therefore blue color is widely used in facebook. It increases the sense of security, and curbs appetite. The blue color is highly used in financial and insurance business as well as in the medical industry due to its sense of security.
Green is thought to evoke nature and environment. It is associated with the new life. It helps to restore a sense of well being. Green stimulates harmony in your brain and enhances decision-making power. Darker green relates to wealth and light shade is associated with growth. In the western world, it is the regarded as the color of money. Starbuck is a famous example that uses green color in their logo. Here, it is associated with calmness and sophistication. Other brands that use green in their logos are Girl Scout, BP, Asian planet, H&R Block. Green connects us to nature therefore much organic food business is associated with it.

Color helps brands to stand out, show their real value and help people understand what they are all about.Colors provoke emotions; always used to persuade individuals and to get inside the mind of the consumer and convince them to action.


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