Big data

Big data

What is Big data?

This is a state which is used to mean a giant volume. This can be of both unstructured and structured data which might be too large. It is therefore sometimes difficult to process these using traditional database and software techniques. With our best team at WebZino, you can get rid of all these problems soon.

History of Big Data with WebZino…


There are a lot of formats in which data can be extracted suchas: structured, numerical data, videos, e-mail and lots more. As far as you can think, you will have them sorted with our WebZino.


Coming from large number of sources these days, it gets difficult to match, link, or transfer data from the system to other part of the globe. However, on connecting with WebZino can make your work better.


Our WebZino organization will take the responsible for collecting the data from relative sources, which will include the following:

  • business transactions
  • social media and
  • information from sensor or
  • Machine to machine data.

Earlier, storing data was a real issue but with us it will be easy

How important is Big Data?

The importance of big data depends entirely on your utility. Data can be fetched from any source and can be analyzed to solve

1) Cost consumption
2) Reduction in time
3) Developing new product and optimizing offers, and also
4) Smart decision making.

Combination of big data with high-powered analytics such as those of WebZino, can make you have great impact on your business strategy such as:

  • Finding the root cause of failures, issues and defects in real time
  • Generating coupons at the point of sale seeing the customer’s habit of
    buying goods.
  • Recalculating entire risk portfolios in just minutes.
  • Detecting fraudulent behavior before it affects and risks your

Who all will get benefit using the Big Data Technology?

Our WebZino brand is specially made by keeping in mind the following


Big data today are dealing with finance companies as well as institutes for the advanced analytics. Since it’s important to analyze customers’ needs and demands. The WebZino is providing them with service on requirement basis, so as to minimize risk and fraud.


Big Data provides a significant impact on school systems, students and their curriculums. By using WebZino, we can track student’s progress, and can implement a system for evaluation of teaching system.

Health Care:

Keeping track of Patient records is a big challenge. Monitoring treatment plans, health, etc. needs to be done quickly and accurately.
So big data plays it role here also. Infact there is no area where this brand WebZino hasn’t marked it presence.


Harnessing and applying big data have improved things such as managing utilities, dealing with daily traffic, preventing serious crime.
Along with maintaining transparency and privacy this organisation can be of great use to you all.