Augmented Reality(AR)

Augmented Reality

So you have finally made landing isn’t it by surfing the net. Now you will go in the internet and scroll the shopping sites so just to try them online for suiting and fitting. We at WebZino will help you to ease your this task or activity by introducing you to the whole new Augmented Reality (AR).

The revised Augmented Reality of our organization will make you have an interactive exposure of real world environment. Here we will reside the real world objects onto a computer generated information such as across sensory modals including somatosensory, haptic, and auditory and many more.

Following are some of the categories of AR where our team will help you till the end:

  • Marker Augmented RealityThis augmented reality makes use of a camera and some other types of visual marker to help you conclude an output when the marker is sensed by a reader. With WebZino these marker based applications will use a camera on the device to distinguish a marker from any other real world object. The position and orientation will therefore be calculated, in which some type of content and/or information can be overlaid onto the marker. This kind of augmented reality is also called Image Recognition.
  • Superimposition Based Augmented RealitySuperimposition based augmented reality either completely or partially replaces the true view of an object with a new augmented view of the same object. At WebZino the object recognition will play a vital role because the application just cannot replace the true view with an augmented one if it cannot determine what the object actually looks or feels like.
  • Marker-less Augmented RealityThis is one of the most widely used applications of augmented reality, marker less augmented reality. We will be using a GPS, velocity meter, digital compass, or accelerometer which will then be fit in the device to extract data based on your current or desired location. WebZino can help you get it done with ease. It will be using it most commonly in mapping directions, finding nearby businesses, etc. This is also called location-based Augmented Reality.