Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligence, an area of computer technology is flourishing all over the world now. This lays emphasis on the creation of smart and interactive machine. This can be of great help to human because of minimization of human labor. There are various ways and forms as to how we can make it communicate as well as create an environment of healthy relationship with human beings. Simple and easy way can be through WebZino. Therefore working on Artificial Intelligence has become an essential part of the technology industry and so is for our company.

Initiating common sense, reasoning and problem-solving power in machines is a difficult and tedious task. And therefore engineers and tech experts are working day and night in our WebZino firm to make your life more luxurious and comfortable with less efforts by humans. Hence using AI makes it possible for machine to learn from experiences, adjust to the inputs and deliver output accordingly. More the input sample(a guarantee from our firm), better is the result.

History of AI

During the Second World War, a British computer scientist Alan Turing was involved in cracking ‘Enigma’ code. This was used by German forces to send messages securely during the war time to its community. Alan Turing and his team created the Bombe machine that was used to decipher Enigma’s messages. This was a great achievement at thattime. Today, WebZino is a big thing.

According to a report, a machine that could converse with humans without knowing the fact that it is a machine would win the “security games”. And therefore can be called to be “intelligent”. Being a part of our family, you will feel the worth of being at WebZino.

Why to go with WebZino Artificial Intelligence?

  • We all are growing at a tremendous rate, be it in terms of population, scripted knowledge, tasks, activities etc. Increasing in scale therefore also increases entropy in system, demanding huge number of tasks to be automated, and centralized. Here comes he role of AI.
  • Traffic Control, Automating Support, Automating Manufacturing, Fraud Detection, Imposing Laws without corruption etc. can be
    done easily by machine trained by humans.
  • Everyone wants minimization of work. So this is the right platform to look for.
  • Think will enhance our mental capabilities as we have to work with robots in future.
  • There is nothing as good as to teach and grow up a machine as equivalent as you.